A Real Story Makes You More Protect Yourself

To preventing traffic accidents and find down factors contributing to fatal crashes and actions people can take to minimize or avoid injuries are listed.Let me share you a real story.

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Story of a Nurse and Accident Victims

Joanne Fairchild of Portland, Oregon, is a trauma flight nurse. She rides in rescue helicopters to help accident victims. On her very first day on the job, a serious accident occurred at Centennial High School in nearby Gresham. A car carrying three teens had hit a telephone pole at 90 miles per hour. Two of the teenagers were dead when the helicopter arrived at the scene. The third died at the hospital, even after the best of care had been given.

For Joanne Fairchild, the deaths were hard to take. She realized that the best possible medical help was not enough to prevent these three deaths. Yet the deaths could have been prevented if the young people had been more careful. Fairchild wondered what she could do to stop such senseless deaths. Nowadays, there are many types of helmet are invented, even high technology product like best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet also occurs on the market.An idea started to take shape. Fairchild decided to go directly to teens to talk with them about preventing accidents.

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Take New Paint Trend to Renew Your House

More and more homeowners stress the value concept when decorating their homes, so this need must be fulfilled. High-quality brands of paints, window treatments and floor coverings carried by retailers can attract quality-conscious buyers. If you are the people caring about these, let us help you now!

Carrying higher-quality paint with a brand different from discounters will help you maintain a solid decorating niche. Reinforce your paint’s visibility with regular promotions and advertising.

Choosing a Suitable Paint Trend for Your House

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Latex eggshell sheen and soft satin sheen paints continue to gain popularity, while flat paints are losing ground. Home-owners like the versatility and durability of the eggshells because they closely resemble a flat paint, yet are easier to clean and more durable.Oil-based paints continue to lose market share, mainly due to environmental concerns over volatile organic compounds found in their contentpaint and paint sundries merchandiser. Flats remain popular as a paint that hides imperfections such as nail holes, scratches and scrapes

  • According to some report neutral colors such as white, alabaster and ivory top the list for interior paintingprojects. Earth tones are popular when people choose distinct colors.
  • Children’s rooms are the most often painted place inside the home. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be painted every six to ten years, on the average.
  • There are a lot of customers look for varying degrees of durability when choosing a suitable paint. Lower-end paints use more chalks and limes, while higher-end paints use more titanium-based pigments. Higher-end products will seal cracks and hide wall imperfections better than low-end alternatives.

Merchandising paint in high-traffic areas, such as store entrances, helps remind shoppers that this is one of your strong categories. Cross-merchandising sundries and paint is a good profit builder. With margins at or exceeding 40 percent, sundries are an important add-on sale.

By asking customers what kind of project they are doing is important to hooking add-on sales. Service means making sure customers have everything they need to do the job correctly the first time they come into producers’ store.Top-selling sundries include brushes, rollers, roller covers, mixing pans, putty knives, spackling, thinner and drop cloths. With decking and natural woodwork gaining popularity, stains and water seals are hot items. Merchandise stains with paints and promote water sealants on endcaps. Darker stains, such as mahogany and red oak, are becoming more popular.

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Some Important Points of Floor Coverings

In the floor covering category, retailers are seeing a big shift away from carpets and vinyl toward longer-lasting coverings, such as wood flooring and ceramic tile. Usually, people will want to paint a room before putting down a new floor covering. This is a great time to change your room’s style. Make sure to take the advantages of having the room painted before installing the floor.

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Wood flooring in solid wood strips or parquet is a popular choice in living rooms, dens and dining rooms. Ceramic tile is most popular in bathrooms and kitchens.Customers seem to be going back to a more rustic look.

Hardwood flooring comes in three basic styles: strip, plank and parquet.

  • Strip flooring accounts for most of the hardwood market. Top-selling hardwood strip flooring is 2 1/4-inch lengths with widths ranging from 3/4 inch to 2 3/4 inches.
  • Plank flooring is typically 3 inches wider than strip flooring. Like strip, plank flooring can be nailed to the subfloor or it can be secured with screws because of its greater width.
  • Parquet flooring comes in squares ranging from 9 inch x 9 inches to 19 inch x 19 inches. These wood tiles fit together to make geometric designs.

New polyurethane finishes are easier to maintain than older alkyd-based varnishes and oils. Some of these older formulations require a high degree of maintenance.

Wood flooring ranges in price depending on the species and finish. Unfinished flooring is the most affordable, but is labor-intensive to install in any quantity.Unfinished flooring may take a week to install, sand, stain and finish, while finished flooring may only require a day.

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Save Time on Cleaning Your House

Cleaning house is a time-consuming job. Let’s learn professional habit of cleaning workers to save your own time on making your house be cleaned.

The way that service employees handle food and beverages, dining equipment, and supplies, and the way that they set up, work within, and clean up dining service areas should be of as much concern as their personal hygiene requirements.

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Unsanitary Procedures

Unfortunately, foodservice personnel sometimes use unsanitary procedures in dining rooms. Examples include service employees who wipe tabletops with obviously soiled towels, those who handle glassware or cups by their drinking surfaces or pick up flatware by the times, and those who place clean dishes and flat-ware on vacant seats while they reset tables. It is very easy and common to thoughtlessly practice poor sanitation habits.

  • If service employees first understand why they should practice sanitary work habits, then are taught the specific procedures which they should use, they should be able to incorporate sanitation practices into all their work.
  • One of the basic sanitation practices which employees should consistently follow is cleaning dining room tables with a clean, sanitized cloth. Whenever possible, they should place flatware on a clean napkin or tablecloth or use another method of table setup to avoid setting flatware directly on the tabletop. They should hold flatware by the handles rather than by the eating surfaces. They should hold glasses by the stems or bases and cups by the handles to avoid bringing their fingers in contact with drinking surfaces, and they should use trays to transport clean tableware to tables. They should also wash their hands frequently, especially after handling soiled eating utensils and completing cleanup activities.

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Let’s Make Your Rooms Look Better

Facing the hard facts is no longer a painful ordeal for soft window treatment. The explosive growth of hard coverings like mini blinds has leveled off over the past years a curtains and draperies have catapulted into the spotlight once more.In many ways, there are no losers in the battle for the window: an increasingly important trend is the pairing of soft window looks, particularly with top treatments, and a mini blind or vertical blind underneath.

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Using Curtain for Your Windows

As more focus has been placed on the window, elegant treatments such as jabots, swags, Austrian and balloon valances have quickly filtered into the mainstream. Elaborate layering and a multitude of luxury-oriented accessories mean multiple sales at the register. Patterns of distribution continue to change, however, as some of the slack left by department storeswho have abandoned the business is being taken up by more aggressive specialty stores and mass merchants who realize the area’s profit potential. While the trend may be running soft, these retailers are finding that the bottom line is definitely not.

  • For retailers who have stuck with the curtain and drapery business through its recent less-than-robust period, perseverance is now paying off in dividends.
  • As consumers shift to soft treatments or soften hard window coverings with combination looks, those department stores, specialty stores and mass merchants with the right stock, service level and merchandising expertise are seeing substantial increases in the curtain and drapery category.
  • Department stores who have remained committed to the category are largely those whose management has a background in soft treatments or simply realize the opportunity for profit not just volume, according to the manufacturers who serve them.

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Cleaning Your Equipment Efficiently

Effective sanitation requires much more than general cleaning. For an item to be cleaned such as a plate, knife, or refrigerator must be free of all visible soil. While this is important, it is only the first step in proper sanitization. For that same item to be sanitary, it must also be free of hazardous bacteria.

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Primary sources of bacterial contamination to food products are: humans, sewage, water, soil, air, rodents, insects, and the food supply itself. Local health codes usually require hand sinks, hair nets, exterminators, traps, and proper plumbing to contain these primary sources. Secondary sources include preparation, holding and serving equipment, and the physical plant itself (floors, walls, ceilings). While commercial dishwashers can sanitize most of the small preparation and serving equipment, larger equipment and the facility itself require more effort to be properly sanitized.

Unfortunately, general cleaning equipment has been, and continues to be, primarily of a manual nature. We’re all familiar with the plastic brushes, cellulose sponges, metal scrapers, clean cloths, push brooms, wet mops, and bucket and mop press (double for washing and sanitizing), that the training manuals and tapes have taught us to use.

  1. Elbow Grease

What each of these requires, however, is a good dose of what my granddaddy used to call “elbow grease.” While there is still no substitute for hard work, equipment is available to make the investment of elbow grease go a lot further.

One such piece of equipment is the power washer. If you’ve been to a do-it-yourself car wash, you’ve used a power washer. It’s a special, high-pressure pump, powered by an electric motor or gas engine, which pushes hot water and added chemicals through a handheld nozzle or wand. The high velocity of the water/chemical solution dislodges soil and grease, applies a sanitizer, and then rinses the area clean. Typically, these units are portable, although centralized, built-in multiple station systems are also available.

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